Accessories from Zwick Boost Productivity and Support Accuracy in Measurement

Accessories from Zwick Boost Productivity and Support Accuracy in Measurement

Have a challenging application that requires a robust extensometer that can measure up to the break point, even at high forces?  Need a way to reliably measure Young’s modulus, on plastic as well as metal specimens?  Seeking a way to speed test setup?  Take a look at our complete line of accessories.  From extensometers to remote control units and highly accurate load cells, Zwick has everything you need to prepare your test lab for maximum productivity.

For ProLine systems, our ProLine Macro extensometer offers high resolution over the entire measurement range.  This extensometer captures specimen deformation in the elastic and plastic regimes for the entire tensile test up through specimen break.  Tiltable knife edges simply roll away from the specimen following the break point, enabling complete data acquisition while avoiding any damage to the sensor arms.  The easy-to-use ProLine Macro incorporates automatic centering by positioning within the test area.  Continuously adjustable clamping force eliminates any potential for notching effects on test specimens. 

AllroundLine systems benefit from the use of our makroXtens II extensometer, which also enables measurement up through specimen break.  Safety is paramount in testing and with a makroXtens II extensometer, is integrated with help from a specialized sensor.  Should the sensor arm make contact with the specimen grips, the test machine stops immediately, protecting operators and laboratory assets alike.  With the makroXtens II extensometer, there is no need for tedious readjustment, as the system is automatically tracked in the optimum position between the specimen grips.  These innovative extensometers include an intelligent tracking device for even greater measurement accuracy. 

High-quality load cells are essential for achieving reliable, interpretable test results.  Our line of Xforce load cells are highly insensitive to influences that impact measurement such as transverse forces, bending moments, torque and temperature variations.  Our load cells are also very robust and can withstand loads up to 300% of nominal capacity without mechanical failure and up to 150% without zero-point shift.  As the heart of the testing system, accuracy depends on the performance of the load cell. 

Remote control units from Zwick make test setup a simple task.  With a remote control unit, operators can begin a new test in mere seconds, conserving valuable time.  Single-hand operation and an easy-to-read graphical display offer simplicity, ideal for use in environments where speed is essential.  Programmable keys enable activation of all enabled standard actions in the testXpert testing software while an integrated emergency stop button ensures maximum safety.  Test-related dialogs can also be acknowledged directly on the remote control unit, eliminating the need to return to the computer workstation during testing. 

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