Zwick USA Highlights Composites Testing Expertise at CAMX 2017 

Zwick USA Highlights Composites Testing Expertise at CAMX 2017

Booth #B36

Zwick USA will display cutting-edge solutions for composites testing at CAMX 2017 in Orlando, Fla. at the Orange County Convention Center September 12, 13 and 14.

Zwick industry experts will demonstrate a 100 kN AllroundLine universal testing machine that offers dual testing areas for maximum throughput.  The AllroundLine testing machine will also be equipped with a temperature chamber featuring design elements that facilitate easy operation without compromising safety. 

Visitors to the Zwick booth (B36) will have the opportunity to view demonstrations of the redesigned temperature chamber.  The new design makes non-ambient testing a straightforward process.  Compatible with contact and optical extensometers, the new temperature chamber includes a guide rail system that moves the unit into position when needed and removes it from the test area when not in use.  Intelligent testing features in the testXpert III testing software detect the chamber’s position and automatically select the corresponding safety device, protecting operators and investment.    

“Composites are used more and more in the automotive industry due to the high strength to weight ratio of the material. With the introduction of new materials to an industry comes an increase in testing requirements. Customers must be able to perform multiple tests on a single machine with little changeover time and they need to be able to validate performance under non-ambient conditions,” explains Florian Liebert, managing director of Zwick USA.

The AllroundLine system for composites testing is available in 100 and 250 kN versions and is able to perform more than 20 different types of tests in compliance with over 100 test standards. To keep the time required to change fixtures to a minimum, Zwick has introduced the dual testing area. It allows customers to avoid moving heavy, cumbersome grips every time a new test setup is required. Instead, the large grips can stay in place while smaller accessories and fixtures can be exchanged in the side test area.                                                   

“Dual testing areas on the AllroundLine means labs can perform a multitude of tests— some highly complex. In addition to the usual tensile, compression and flexure tests, the machine can accommodate the specialty fixtures required by the composites industry.  All of this can be accomplished with minimal changes in the test equipment,” Liebert said.

Through its industry-leading testXpert III measurement and control software, Zwick supports a wide range of applications—from shear loading of composite sandwich specimens to open-hole compression testing—all in accordance with corresponding ASTM, ISO and DIN standards.
Zwick will also demonstrate an array of grips and fixtures designed specifically for the testing of composites, including the patented Hydraulic Composite Compression Fixture (HCCF) test device which optimizes specimen alignment. 

Further information on Zwick composites testing capabilities may be found here


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