Zwick to Spotlight Full Line of Plastics Testing Systems at NPE 2018

Zwick to Spotlight Full Line of Plastics Testing Systems at NPE 2018

Zwick has begun making preparations to welcome attendees from around the world at NPE 2018 in Orlando, Fla. from May 7-11.  Visitors to Booth S29035 will have the opportunity to experience firsthand our entire range of plastics testing systems. 

“One of our goals at NPE next year is to provide visitors with an experience that demonstrates how our entire line of testing systems has been engineered to meet their needs.  The setup of our booth will allow us to take examples of real customer applications and showcase how our solutions deliver greater efficiency and the highest levels of accuracy,” explains Florian Liebert, Managing Director of Zwick USA.    

New applications for advanced plastics call for testing programs that can fully verify material performance.  Manufacturers must conduct quality tests to meet the requirements of their respective customers and, in some cases, must report those results prior to releasing batches for outbound shipment.  Performance criteria must be met and the bar for accuracy in measurement has been set higher. 

“Zwick supplies systems that perform with the highest levels of accuracy, enable operators to perform work more efficiently, and support lab managers as they focus on providing reliable test results.  We will demonstrate our capabilities in melt flow testing, impact testing, universal testing, and our industry-leading testXpert III testing software,” states Liebert.

All Zwick systems – from universal testing machines to pendulum impact testers and melt flow testers – run on the testXpert III software package.  Characterization labs that are called upon to provide multiple inputs to internal customers recognize great value in this, as operators are not required to learn and work with multiple interfaces.  Commonality of the interface establishes familiarity more rapidly, reduces errors and supports efficiency in testing.  Each testing system on display at NPE 2018 will display the testXpert III testing software.

Centralized characterization labs that must address the complete spectrum of testing requirements for plastics – from universal testing to melt flow indexing and pendulum impact testing – derive significant benefit from the application of testing systems that run on a singular software platform.  Without the requirement to engage multiple software interfaces, lab managers can apply operator resources more efficiently. 

In our booth at NPE 2018, our subject matter experts will demonstrate a UTM, melt flow testing systems, and a pendulum impact tester.  Universal test machines by Zwick are designed for flexibility in a wide range of testing situations. Dual testing areas dramatically reduce changeover time and minimize the potential for errors that may result from complex test setup procedures.  Our line of HIT pendulum impact testers has been specially engineered to diminish the propagation of vibration during testing.  The pendulum design requires no tools to perform changes and automated pendulum recognition reduces the steps that must be performed between tests.  Rapid changeovers from Izod to Charpy allow labs to test to dual standards when needed.  In the area of melt flow testing, our Xflow series of melt flow indexers offer automated cleaning and pre-compacting, a precise extrudate cutting system and quick purge with up to 80 kgs.  These capabilities conserve time in high volume test labs.

Look for additional updates on NPE 2018 each month on social media. 

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