Zwick Increases Testing Throughput with New 250 kN AllroundLine Testing Machine

Zwick Increases Testing Throughput with New 250 kN AllroundLine Testing Machine

In response to market demand for increased throughput in testing, Zwick has introduced the new AllroundLine Z250 SNS.

Featuring a modern load frame design, the floor-standing test machine includes a lateral test area that enhances flexibility and eliminates changeover time.  With this unique system, customers can perform a variety of tests without the need to change test fixtures.  When testing needs call for the use of an extensometer, our innovative design makes the process simple.  We offer fixturing that moves the extensometer between the two test areas, further boosting productivity in the test lab.   

Digitally-controlled AC drive technology offers maintenance-free operation.  An innovative motor feedback system delivers smooth, continuous motion — even at very low speeds.  Expertly engineered to deliver the machine stiffness required for the range of applications at these loads, the system also features precise crosshead guidance.  The result is a testing machine capable of addressing the most challenging applications, including strain-rate control tests.  Strain-rate control represents a critical test parameter for many applications in the metals industry.  With the new AllroundLine Z250 SNS, customers can assess the performance of rate-sensitive materials easily and accurately.    

The entire AllroundLine of testing systems is equipped with our testControl II measurement and control electronics.  testControl II electronics provides the ideal basis for reliable test results.  Impressive features include new drive technology, high measured-value acquisition rates, a high level of modularity, and a high safety standard.  With testControll II, tests can be run entirely via the display remote control.  Capturing critical information on test specimen response is made simple with our controller’s onboard 1 kHz cycle time. 

The testing system’s modular design makes upgrading simple and ensures flexibility as applications change.  Easy integration of external load cells, displacement transducers and other hardware is made possible through our intelligent sensor concept.  State-of-the-art electronics, software, and hardware ensure the system is future-ready.  In addition, we guarantee the availability of spare parts for a minimum of ten years after the product has been discontinued.  These factors combine to ensure a sound investment that will deliver dividends in operational excellence.

Click here for further information on the new 250 kN AllroundLine testing machine. 


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