See Presentations from Experts Around the World at testXpo

See Presentations from Experts Around the World at testXpo

At each testXpo, we bring together experts in their respective fields to present the latest information on developments in the field of materials testing.

Now in its 26th year, testXpo will soon welcome visitors to Zwick world headquarters in Ulm, Germany for four days of collaboration, innovation and partnership.  Here we offer a preview of the presentations participants will have the opportunity to attend.

Whether your interests involve characterization of polymers at non-ambient temperatures, materials used to enhance safety and structural integrity of passenger vehicles, or mechanical studies of soft biological tissues, the latest insights are available to you at testXpo.  During this year’s event, we will welcome professors, researchers in academia, and industry professionals   to present on subjects ranging from composites testing to formability studies on automotive sheet metal and hot lithography – a new form of 3D printing.  This year we are looking forward to a presentation from Dr. Luis Dorfmann of Tufts University titled, “Mechanical Behavior of Materials.”  Below we have included a list of the presentations that will be given by Zwick experts.  Whether you are joining us in Ulm in a few weeks or reserving a space on your calendar for next year’s event, we encourage you to access more information on the wide range of subjects that we’ll explore at the 26th International Forum for Materials Testing – testXpo. 

  • Industry 4.0 Zwick/Roell – Johannes Bührle
  • testXpert III – Our Solutions for Your Requirements – Vinay Desai
  • Reliable Test Results – Johannes Bührle
  • Instrumented Impact Tests – Helmut Fahrenholz
  • It’s Better Not to Touch – Examples of Application in Optical Extensometry – Dr. Erhard Reimann & Katja Müller
  • Mechanical Testing Solutions for Lithium Ion Batteries in Electric Vehicles – Aleksander Koprivc

Click here to access a complete list of presentations at this year’s testXpo.


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