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Training Courses

Thinking about ways to boost productivity in the test lab?  Planning to educate new staff members?  Our fall training courses offer everything you need to help prepare your team to take on the latest challenges.   

Earlier this year, we announced our new curriculum for software training courses.  The new curriculum offers educational support from the basics of testXpert software through custom test sequences and programming.  All courses are held at Zwick USA in our Atlanta-area office.  Courses available in October, November and December are as follows:

Zwick USA Academy Training Course Schedule

October Courses 

10/03/17 - 10/04/17

testXpert III Basic Course


testXpert III Customer Application Day

10/24/17 - 10/25/17

testXpert III Advanced Course


testXpert III Customer Application Day

November Courses 

11/07/17 - 11/08/17

testXpert II Basic Course


testXpert II Customer Application Day

11/28/17 - 11/29/17

testXpert II Advanced Course


testXpert II Customer Application Day

December Courses 


testXpert II – Intro to ZIMT Programming Language


testXpert II – Cyclic Master Test Program


testXpert II – Intro to the Graphical Sequence Editor


testXpert II – Specialized Topics Consulting Day

“Our customers are looking for an approach to training that will ensure their people leave prepared to apply the content in support of daily operations.  With our new training courses, we offer a mix of lectures and hands-on exercises that are designed to maximize retention of the information,” explains Bernd Schneider, Senior Engineering Specialist for Zwick USA.  

In October, we will deliver four courses on testXpert III software.  Subjects include a two-day testXpert III basic course and a follow-on customer application day.  Later in the month, we are featuring a two-day course on advanced topics in testXpert III software.  Immediately following the advanced course, we will lead a customer application day to enable customers to apply the principles covered in the course directly to their applications. 

November will continue our emphasis on the fundamentals of the testXpert testing software with a basic course on testXpert II software and follow-on customer application day.  At the end of November, we will close the month with a testXpert II advanced course and customer application day. 

To wrap up the year, we will offer a series of training courses on specialized topics.   The Introduction to ZIMT Programming Language course instructs participants on customizing testXpert II software to address specific requirements.  Course materials emphasize generating new test results, control structures, and dynamic layout modifications.  Attendees will create complex results and virtual channels.  They will also test trial sequences and evaluate outcomes using a powerful simulation mode of the testing software. 

Mastering the setup and use of cyclic tests is the focus of the second course in December, the Cyclic Master Test Program Short Course.  Participants receive practical experience in the use of the Master Test Program to complete cyclic tests. 

The third course we will offer in December is the Introduction to the Graphical Sequence Editor course.  In this course, participants learn how changes in the test sequence may be utilized to achieve specific measurement objectives.  Attendees also receive consultation on the setup of complex test sequences and the establishment of control loops, connecting course materials with practical workflows.  To close out the month, we will offer a special day dedicated to consultation.  Participants at our Consulting Day are encouraged to bring their own specimens and a list of topics in support of their testing program objectives. 

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For further information on each course, including prerequisites, visit the Zwick USA Academy page


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