Services and Support for Your Testing System

Any major machine investment requires the backing of a professional service organization to ensure reliable operation.

Zwick Services and Support can provide the support required by these machines from installation through modernization. The service organization at Zwick USA offers numerous services and maintenance programs to assist in the demands of any company, large or small. Trained and certified technicians local to your area perform all work. Zwick Services and Support is prepared to assist in the areas of calibration, preventative maintenance, and training. To request more information, contact us at info@zwickusa.com.


Calibration is essential to the reliability of a machine to perform and give accurate results. Zwick USA is A2LA accredited to perform calibrations in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005. Our calibration services are as follows:


International Standards



Displacement Verification

ASTM E2309


ASTM E2658

Pendulum Impact Testing Machines

ASTM E23, ISO 13802, ISO EN 10045-2, ISO 8256, DIN 51222

Extrusion Plastometers

ASTM D1238, ISO 1133-1, ISO 1133-2

Durometers – Types A&D

ASTM D2240, ISO 868



Field Alignment of Materials Testing Machines

ASTM E1012

Zwick Services and Support maintains kits for all the calibration services offered, including specialty kits for torsion, reduction in width, hardness testing, and alignment verification to ASTM E1012. The instrumentation we use is directly traceable and has been externally verified. Our professional technicians perform equipment verification routines at the beginning and end of each service visit to ensure your confidence in our instruments.

Preventative Maintenance

Zwick Services and Support is committed to helping you protect your investment. Proactively servicing your installed system not only ensures optimal performance and prevents threats to productivity that can result from unplanned downtime, it also extends the life of your investment. We offer preventative maintenance as a component of all of service agreements. Our skilled technicians use detailed checklists to conduct robust evaluations of your testing system and installed accessories. The investment you make in planning for periodic maintenance will keep your system performing with the utmost accuracy and reliability.


Quality training is a cornerstone of an efficient testing lab that produces reliable test results. Our technicians offer a solid foundation in our machines and software during installation. To build upon this foundation, Zwick USA opened Zwick Academy that regularly offers training courses at our headquarters in Kennesaw, Georgia. Standard courses offered include the following:

  • testXpert II Basic and Advanced Courses
  • testXpert lll Basic and Advanced Courses
  • Introduction to the Graphical Sequence Editor
  • Cyclic Program Short Course
  • Export Editor Short Course

Customized Zwick Academy and on-site training courses that address the unique requirements of your application and testing standard are also available. To schedule a training course, contact training@zwickusa.com.

Service Plans

A service plan is the most cost effective way to service all of your machine and personnel’s needs. Zwick services and support offer varying levels of service plans to fit your needs and budget. Typical service plans include:

  • Calibration services
  • Preventative maintenance services
  • On-site training
  • Hotline technical support services
  • Reduced rates on additional calibrations, asset relocation, and emergency repairs
  • Special pricing on replacement parts

Customized packages are also available to suit your needs.

For more information about these or any other service related topic, contact Zwick USA Service and Support at 770-420-6555 or info@zwickusa.com


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