Tensile and Impact Testing Made Easy with Zwick’s Automated Dynamic Duo for Plastics

Tensile and Impact Testing Made Easy with Zwick’s Automated Dynamic Duo for Plastics

Plastics laboratories often require routine testing of both tensile and impact properties to ensure consistent quality of their product.

When high volumes of testing are required, it can be an expensive and repetitive process to acquire the necessary data. Zwick offers a dynamic duo of automated testing solutions for these routine tests—the roboTest H robotic testing system for impact testing and the roboTest B robotic testing system for tensile or flexure testing.

The roboTest H utilizes Zwick’s HIT impact tester in conjunction with a robotic feeder that automatically loads specimens to quickly and accurately test specimens. The impact tester can be set up to test Charpy or Izod samples, accommodate a range of impact forces (0.5 Joule to 50 Joule), and an instrumented option is available. The feeder magazine can hold up to 20 specimens and an optional specimen conditioning system is available to hold specimens at a required temperature before testing.

The roboTest B works in conjunction with Zwick’s Allround two-column universal testing machine. Tensile or flexure tests can be performed according to the standard required by the customer. An automatic extensometer may also be added if modulus is needed. The robotic system automatically loads and performs the tests of all specimens in the magazine. After loading the magazine, up to 20 specimens may be run without required input from an operator.

All machines are accompanied by Zwick’s testXpert software, automatically recording data acquired during the test. Results can then easily be exported to a database or Microsoft Excel for further analysis. roboTests may be adapted to any test requirement or level of automation and each system supports manual testing should the need arise. A roboTest system can also be easily added to an existing machine.

The roboTest options provided by Zwick eliminate the influence of operators while quickly and efficiently producing repeatable results. Robert Kaifler, robotics product manager at Zwick, further explains the benefits of the roboTest, "Eliminating operator influence delivers high levels of reproducibility in test results. The entire test is logged by the software and the test results are transferred automatically and accurately to the database. Qualified laboratory staff are thus relieved of routine activities and available for more complex tasks.”

Zwick is a global leader in automated testing. In the past 25 years, over 350 systems have been successfully installed worldwide in a wide range of industries.

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