testXpert III – A Single Software Platform for All Testing Machines and Instruments

testXpert III – A Single Software Platform for All Testing Machines and Instruments

Our new testXpert III testing software is the result of close cooperation with software users in the materials testing industry and the experience of over 30,000 successful testXpert installations.

This third generation of our industry-leading software offers an intuitive, workflow-based interface and serves as a single platform for all testing machines and instruments.  The workflow within testXpert III reflects real lab processes and guides the user through each step, from setup through analysis.  For further information, view our overview video or browse the testXpert III page.

The enhanced user experience in testXpert III testing software begins with a user-oriented home screen.  Intelligent user management reduces the number of required operator inputs, revealing only the options and information important to each user.  Administrators retain full access privileges and the opportunity to control access levels based on roles and training levels. The testXpert III testing software logs all test- and system-relevant actions and settings, preserving a record for management review.  This ensures traceable results that cannot be manipulated.  Working in concert with the newly-designed, intuitive interface, intelligent user management simplifies use, reduces familiarization time and minimizes input errors.  

A library of resources within our testXpert III testing software lends further assistance in test setup. 

“With testXpert III, we are providing a powerful software platform that emphasizes ease of use as a top priority.  We also make testing in accordance with standards an easy task.  With over 600 test standards prepared as Standard Test Programs, our customers have turnkey capabilities to perform tests in alignment with standards specifications,” said Manfred Goblirsch, software development manager for Zwick/Roell. 

With testXpert III, we offer a complete solution that conserves time and minimizes errors via a series of unique features.  testXpert’s System Configuration Builder saves all relevant machine settings and assigns them to a user-defined test environment.  Some examples of stored settings include elements for test setup routines and safety protocols, such as:  crosshead position, fixture separation, and sensor configuration.  This feature allows users to easily retrieve a saved test environment to support new test setup.  Leveraging previous settings helps to ensure reproducible tests and delivers the highest level of protection for users and their testing systems. 

When testing is complete, testXpert III lends support for key post-test business processes, such as data sharing.  The testXpert III software communicates directly with all relevant IT systems, allowing secure, reliable data import and export.  testXpert III handles data importing rapidly and efficiently.  Exporting may be performed immediately post-test to a wide range of analysis platforms and customer-specific databases.  Our software even allows data viewing in secure mode to prevent inadvertent data modification. 

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