Zwick USA testXpert® Testing Software Training Course Schedule Updates

Zwick USA testXpert® Testing Software Training Course Schedule Updates

Zwick USA recently announced the availability of new training courses on testXpert testing software.  The new curriculum offers educational support from the basics of testXpert® software through custom test sequences and programming.  All courses are held at Zwick USA in our Atlanta-area office.  Courses available in August, September, and October are as follows:

Zwick USA Academy Training Course Schedule

August Courses 


Introduction to ZIMT Programming Language


Introduction to the Graphical Sequence Editor


Cyclic Master Test Program Short Course


Export Editor Short Course

September Courses

9/06/17 - 9/07/17

testXpert II Basic Course


testXpert II Customer Application Day

9/19/17 - 9/20/17

testXpert II Advanced Course


testXpert II Customer Application Day

October Courses

10/03/17 - 10/04/17

testXpert III Basic Course


testXpert III Customer Application Day

10/24/17 - 10/25/17

testXpert III Advanced Course


testXpert III Customer Application Day

“We developed the content and approach for these courses based on customer needs.  We are now offering training courses on testXpert III as well,” explains Bernd Schneider, Senior Engineering Specialist for Zwick USA.  

In August, we are offering four courses on specialized topics.  Subjects include detailed support in the use of the ZIMT Programming Language, an introduction to the Graphical Sequence Editor, a Cyclic Master Test Program Short Course, and an Export Editor Short Course

The Introduction to ZIMT Programming Language course instructs participants on customizing testXpert II and III to address specific requirements.  Course materials emphasize generating new test results, control structures, and dynamic layout modifications.  Attendees will create complex results and virtual channels.  They will test trial sequences and evaluate outcomes using a powerful simulation mode of the testing software. 

In the Introduction to the Graphical Sequence Editor course, participants learn how changes in the test sequence may be utilized to achieve specific measurement objectives.  Attendees also receive consultation on the setup of complex test sequences and the establishment of control loops, connecting course materials with practical workflows. 

Mastering the setup and use of cyclic tests is the focus of the Cyclic Master Test Program Short Course.  Participants receive practical experience in the use of the Master Test Program to complete cyclic tests. 

The final course offered in August is the Export Editor Short Course.  This course is particularly useful for customers operating in high volume, high throughput environments who require the capability to share test results across databases and software platforms.  Attendees will learn how to setup and automate data exporting using the Export Editor. 

Courses in September are designed for users of testXpert II software and the October schedule will cover the basics and advanced concepts for testXpert III users.

Our testXpert II Basic Course is for users with Master and Standard Test Programs.  Customers with application-specific educational requirements will benefit from dedicated application information in our testXpert II and III Customer Application Days.  In these courses, attendees are invited to bring their own samples and to work in partnership with one of our software experts in the development of an optimal workflow for reliable test results.  Third in the series are our testXpert II and III Advanced Courses.  These two-day courses support Master Test Program users, building upon the fundamentals addressed in our basic course. 

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For further information on each course, including prerequisites, visit the Zwick USA Academy page


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