Zwick USA Supplies First High Speed Testing Machine in the United States to Major Automotive Supplier 

Zwick USA Supplies First High Speed Testing Machine in the United States to Major Automotive Supplier

Improving vehicle safety on the road is an ongoing goal in the automotive industry. Simulating high strength steels during a crash is essential, but accurately observing and quantifying these properties is only possible with a sophisticated high speed testing system. The rate of loading during testing can have a significant impact on the measured mechanical properties of materials. For some industries, the standard rate of loading is not an accurate representation of a material in an application and advanced materials may exhibit strain-rate dependent characteristic values.
Zwick Roell has supplied the first high speed testing machine in the United States to a major automotive supplier in the Midwest. The installed machine was a HTM 16020 high speed testing machine with a capacity of 160 kN and a test speed of up to 20m/s. After a successful pre-acceptance at the factory in Ulm, Germany, the machine was shipped to the United States and installed by local staff from Zwick Roell North America. This particular machine can perform tensile, compression, and three-point bend tests with the purpose of simulating high strength steels during a crash.
Experts in the automotive industry confirm the importance of simulating high impact crashes to accurately test these materials.  “The HTM designed and engineered by Zwick Roell is an innovative machine for the automotive industry,” says Dr. Fadi Abu-Farha, President of Fadi-AMT LLC and Associate Professor of Automotive Engineering at Clemson University – International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR). “The data collected from these tests is critical to fully understanding the significance of high strength materials in automotive applications.”

Zwick Roell is proud to announce the next North American installation of an HTM will happen with FADI-AMT LLC in South Carolina. “I have used serval high rate material systems, and the Zwick HTM system allows me to gather high fidelity data with minimum ringing at high rates, including those close to 1000 s-1,” says Dr. Fadi Abu-Farha. The HTM8020 will be delivered and installed in the fall of 2018.

Zwick Roell offers high speed testing machines from 25 to 160 kN.  The HTM line of materials testing machines can determine mechanical properties over a wide range of speeds, from quasi-static to 20m/s. Applications for the HTM also include high-speed puncture, peel, component, and shear tests at high speed. Constant speed is maintained during the test by ProPact correction software, which adjusts the signal to the 3-stage proportional valve to compensate for any fall in speed.

Other features and benefits of a Zwick Roell High Speed Testing Machine are:    

• testXpert uniform software platform for comprehensive test result evaluation, report creation, and data management
• Easy integration of optical extensometers
• Machine mounted on pneumatic springs, allowing for easy installation in a suitable location
• testControl II measurement and control electronics

In these tests, which last only a few milliseconds, measuring values represents a challenge. The values involved include force, the travel from which the speed was calculated and specimen strain. A digital non-contact travel measurement system is used to precisely measure the piston travel. The advantages of this impact-resistant, non-contact solution are excellent temperature stability plus a high dynamic response and resolution of 25 µm at 20 m/s. For force measurement, a piezo-electric system is used along with integrated high-speed data-acquisition channels in the electronics.

For more information on the HTM High Speed Testing machine, visit our website or contact info@zwickusa.com. In addition, Fadi and a team of researchers from Zwick Roell will be presenting on high rate testing of automotive steels at the “Great Design in Steel 2018”, held on May 18th in Novi, Michigan.


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