Zwick USA to Exhibit Cutting-Edge Solutions at SAMPE 2018

Zwick USA to Exhibit Cutting-Edge Solutions at SAMPE 2018

Zwick USA will offer insights into the complexities involved in composites testing as the company displays cutting-edge solutions at the SAMPE 2018 exhibition to be held at the Long Beach Convention Center May 22-23.

Demand for long fiber-reinforced composites with polymeric matrices continues to increase as engineers seek specialized materials with mechanical properties that can be tuned to support the requirements of a structural part.

Yet testing composite materials is challenging. The broad array of standards and test procedures and the strict requirements for alignment, traceability, and accuracy mean choosing the right testing system is imperative. The spectrum of test methods available through organizations such as ASTM, ISO and EN, and specifications set by aerospace industry manufacturers, can make applying the right testing approach difficult.

Zwick USA industry experts will be available at SAMPE 2018, Booth O45, to offer consultation on the static testing of fiber-reinforced composites and demonstrate a universal testing machine along with the latest generation of testing software, testXpert III.  Zwick Roell universal testing machines are designed to accommodate the wide range of tests required for robust characterization of composites and are available in capacities ranging from 500 N to 250 kN and above.

 “We offer innovative approaches to testing so our customers can increase throughput without sacrificing accuracy in measurement,” explains Florian Liebert, Managing Director of Zwick USA.

Achieving reliable test results when testing at non-ambient temperatures is an ongoing challenge in the qualification of composite materials.  At the SAMPE 2018 exhibition, Zwick will present its new temperature chamber designed to make non-ambient testing a straightforward process.  Compatible with contact and optical extensometers, the new temperature chamber includes a guide rail system that moves the unit into position when needed and removes it from the test area when not in use. Intelligent testing features in the testXpert III testing software detect the chamber’s position and automatically select the corresponding safety device, protecting operators as well as the investment in lab assets.    
Zwick also offers an extensive suite of composites-specific tooling that works in concert with innovative mechanical adapters to reduce changeover time between tests and to deliver enhanced ergonomics for operators.  Substantial reductions in operator fatigue lead to higher levels of performance and consistency in testing, resulting in greater accuracy in measurement.  When used in conjunction with an AllroundLine universal testing machine, these unique fixtures deliver modularity that can be applied to 21 different tests in accordance with 115 testing standards, such as HCCF, OHC, FHT, IPS and ILS, CAI and others. 

Composite samples are especially sensitive to transverse forces and therefore specimen alignment is critical. To ensure the highest levels of precision in specimen alignment, Zwick offers symmetrically closing body over wedge hydraulic grips.  The hydraulic mechanism ensures reproducible, precisely axial positioning of the specimen to the tensile axis. 

Through the industry-leading testXpert III measurement and control software, Zwick supports a wide range of applications—from shear loading of composite sandwich specimens to open-hole compression testing—all in accordance with corresponding ASTM, ISO and DIN standards. Throughout the SAMPE exhibition, Zwick will offer demonstrations of the testXpert III software and its library of resources that assists with test setup.  Visitors will experience the power and simplicity that testXpert III software offers via 600 prepared Standard Test Programs, preconfigured to test requirements, with integrated results tables and statistics. 


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