Zwick USA to Offer Hands-On Training at 6th Annual PHS Suppliers Forum 

Zwick USA to Offer Hands-On Training at 6th Annual PHS Suppliers Forum

Zwick USA will provide hands-on training and information vital to the manufacture of press hardened materials at the upcoming NAFTA Training Center for Hot Stamping – 6th PHS Suppliers Forum at Telos Global in Caryville, Tenn.  Taking place September 28 and 29, the event focuses on providing insights crucial to the process of manufacturing automotive assemblies using press hardening technology. 

“Lightweighting is a trend in automotive design and manufacturing that we expect to see continue well into the next decade.  The production of press hardened parts and their application in structural assemblies to optimize strength-to-weight ratios is an area we are proud to support.  We offer a range of products that deliver efficiency gains in the testing of these parts,” explains Florian Liebert, managing director of Zwick USA.

Zwick industry experts will demonstrate techniques for testing hot stamped specimens on a 100 kN AllroundLine universal testing machine.  The AllroundLine testing machine will also be equipped with hydraulic grips that simplify the process of gripping specimens down to a mere 6 mm in clamping length. These novel grips support surface pressure up to 1,000 N/mm2.

Sacrificing parts for testing, while necessary, introduces cost.  Cutting test specimens from production parts is a standard practice that can be optimized when specimens are produced in short lengths.  Up until now, however, gripping such specimens presented substantial challenges.  To address customer needs in this area, Zwick developed patented hydraulic grips capable of handling standard test specimens, as well as those with short clamping lengths. 

Attendees will also have the opportunity to view demonstrations of our testXpert III testing software, which incorporates intelligent features that optimize throughput in testing and ensure the highest levels of accuracy in measurement. For example, testXpert’s System Configuration Builder saves all relevant machine settings and assigns them to a user-defined test environment.  Some examples of these settings include elements common to test setup routines and to safety protocols, such as:  crosshead position, fixture separation, and sensor configuration.  As a result, users can easily retrieve a saved test environment to support new test setup.  Leveraging previous settings helps to ensure reproducible tests and delivers the highest level of protection for users and their testing systems. 

“The race to produce increasingly strong, lightweight materials is on and robust characterization of key properties is essential to the manufacture of high quality parts.  Our solutions address the entire range of tests required.  From universal testing to hardness measurements and determination of the forming limit curve, Zwick offers complete capabilities that ensure reliable test results,” Liebert said.

Further information on Zwick sheet metal testing capabilities may be found here.


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