Extensometers - a Zwick core competence

Extension measurement is one of Zwick’s core competences. Zwick’s product range contains extensometers with different resolution levels, measuring principles and measurement travel. A distinction is generally made between contact and non-contact measurement of extension, change in width or strain.

laserXtens Array extensometer with 2 tunnels 

Non-contact extensometers

The crucial advantage of extensometers featuring non-contact measurement is that they can be used right up to break without risk of damage, even with specimens which are critical in this respect.

  • videoXtens extensometer
  • laserXtens extensometer
  • lightXtens extensometer

makroXtens extensometer  

Contact-type extensometers

These extensometers are used for direct extension measurement in tensile tests, flexure tests and alternating load tests. They all possess a large measurement range featuring stepless adjustment to suit the specimen being tested. Clip-on extensometers and extensometers with sensor arms are in direct mechanical contact with the specimen via knife-edges positioned at right angles to the gage length.

  • extensometers with sensor arms
  • digital and analog clip-on extensometers
  • extensometers for compression tests and flexure tests

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