The Zwick Online Market for used test equipment contains our current selection of reconditioned and pre-owned testing machines and instruments

Used testing equipment

Certified Zwick quality

Before a testing machine is offered for sale in the Zwick Online Market, it undergoes a thorough refurbishment to ensure that it conforms to Zwick's quality standards. Zwick guarantees that all used test equipment is fully operational and conforms to current testing technology.

Each used testing machine supplied by Zwick is

  • refurbished, including replacement of defective parts and wear parts
  • compatible with current Zwick electronics
  • fully tested and calibrated
  • ready for additional sensors and test fixtures
  • capable of accepting both new and previously used accessories
  • available with the latest version of testXpert II testing software
  • visually upgraded (in many cases repainted).

Test equipment modernized and refurbished in line with the latest technologies

Modernized used testing machines are based on innovative Zwick components, giving you:

  • reliable service and support for the complete testing system for a minimum of 10 years
  • full compatibility with comparable new machines
  • continued use of virtually all existing accessories
  • expansion with accessories from Zwick's extensive range
  • future upgradability incorporating the latest developments
  • compliance with all safety-relevant requirements in accordance with the Machinery Directive.

Cast your eye over the current selection in our Online Market for used test equipment.