ZwickRoell Celebrates 25 Years zwickiLine with a Special Offer Package

ZwickRoell is proud of its long history of materials testing experience. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the zwickiLine, a limited edition machine is now available featuring the success of ZwickRoell products in the United States and around the world. A special offer package is available as of July 16th for the Limited Edition zwickiLine, but for a limited time only. Contact your Regional Sales Manager for more information.

ZwickRoell testing machines are designed and manufactured in Germany, ensuring the highest quality construction and seamless integration of mechanical and electronic accessories. The single- column zwickiLine is perfect for applications in a number of industries. From research and development to quality assurance testing, the zwickiLine is customizable to accommodate any required accessories.

Features include:

  • For test loads up to 5 kN, with test speeds from 0.0005 to 3000 mm/min.
  • Small footprint to fit in any lab
  • Test area heights from 565 mm to 1365 mm
  • Fast, convenient testing
  • Flexible equipment options
  • Modern, high-quality load-frame design
  • High stiffness and precise crosshead guidance
  • Powerful drive system
  • Safety features for the entire testing system

For more information on the zwickiLine, visit our website or contact us.


zwickiLine for flexible low-force testing

Powerful, flexible, cost-effective testing solution for all your testing requirements.