Extensometers for Every Application

Which one is right for you?

Extension measurement is often a critical requirement in materials testing and ZwickRoell has the most complete range of extensometers to cover a wide range of applications and requirements. Designed and manufactured in Europe, ZwickRoell’s extensometers range from state of the art non-contact to robust clip-on options.

The automated and easy-to-use makroXtens uses sensor arms to automatically attach and detach from the specimen at the required gage length, minimizing operator influence. For non-contacting solutions, the videoXtens is the ideal extensometer for a number of applications, especially when violent specimen breaks may occur that would otherwise damage a contacting extensometer as in the case of safety belts or steel ropes.

Every industry has specific requirements when it comes to an extensometer’s accuracy, resolution, and measurement range. ZwickRoell has designed and developed extensometers that cover any application, from strain-controlled metals testing to high elongation rubbers or construction rebar. Sample gage lengths may be as small as 3 mm and up to 200 mm with the correct extensometer. Contact and non-contact options are available for tests at elevated temperatures including high-temperature furnaces up to 1200ᵒC. Additionally, ZwickRoell offers measurement systems capable of monitoring the reduction in width or deformation during compression and flexure tests.

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