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Zwick USA offers training courses designed to address the educational needs of test machine operators as well as engineers engaged in the development of unique test methods. 

Attendees will benefit from a mix of lecture, instructor-led exercises and hands-on time with a virtual test machine. Each course immerses attendees in the subject matter through practical examples. 

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Training Program Zwick USA Academy

Quality training is a cornerstone of an efficient testing lab that produces reliable test results. Our instructors offer your staff a solid foundation in our testXpert II software, with a focus on industry standards and validation requirements.  

Zwick Services and Support believes in an integrated approach to training that combines the theoretical with the practical of materials testing, addressing the challenges and constraints of a testing lab.  Our training courses incorporate a variety of methods to maximize retention. Courses are structured to immerse attendees in the subject matter and class sizes are optimized to foster instructor-student and peer interaction.

Schulungskurs testXpert II
Softwareschulung Prüfsoftware testXpert II

testXpert II Advanced Course

This course offers advanced training on testXpert II software and has been designed to accommodate the needs of users with Master Test Programs. Baseline knowledge and experience in working with testXpert II Software are prerequisites for attendance. 

The course begins with a brief refresher on fundamentals of testXpert II, including layout setup; implementing new parameters, results and dialogs; and user management. Attendees then complete a suite of exercises to build knowledge in the following areas:

  • Expanding on machine verification
  • Engaging the advanced wizard for creation of complex test sequence configuration
  • Compiling a test sequence according to specific requirements
  • Generating parameters and dialogs
  • Managing data export and import to databases
  • Working with correction curves
  • Integrating external devices and working with additional channels


Learning Objectives: 

  • Utilize the advanced wizard to configure more complex test sequences
  • Apply the elements of the Master Test Program in support of individual applications
  • Interpret advanced testing results

Introduction to the Graphical Sequence Editor

When a need arises to make changes to test sequences, the graphical sequence editor dramatically simplifies the process. Drag and drop functionality enables users to simply choose the element they wish to add, move or remove and place it in the desired location. 

This training course explores how changes in the test sequence may be utilized to accomplish measurement objectives. The course curriculum enables participants to engage in hands-on exercises with asimulation mode of the graphical sequence editor that utilizes a virtual machine. Consultation on the setup of complex test sequences and the establishment of control loops allows attendees to connect the content presented in the course with their unique requirements.

The graphical sequence editor training course takes place in a single business day and introduces concepts critical to the design of test sequences. The course is open to beginners and has no pre-requisites.  


Learning Objectives: 

  • Gain an understanding of the graphical sequence editor functionality
  • Create custom tests
  • Utilize simulation mode to trial test sequences and evaluate outcomes
  • Optimize the process of setting up custom tests and control loops
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